News Flash!

The police were called to both East Vincent School and West Vincent School on Thursday morning. The librarians of the East Vincent School and West Vincent School both reported to their principals that upon arrival and unlocking the library doors, it appeared that someone had been in the library of each of the schools during the night and that technology items and books were missing. According to the East Vincent librarian, several digital cameras, a document camera, laptops, and books were missing. At West Vincent, the librarian also reported digital cameras, laptops, books and video cameras were missing. Fortunately, no one was harmed, as students and most of the teachers had left school for the day. No other teachers were available for comment. While both principals were on the scene, neither one had any comment at this time.

Police are investigating the situation. While they are not sure, the police are considering the possibility that both incidents are related. According to police, a review of the video from the outside surveillance cameras shows the only people who entering or leaving the schools. Footage from the cameras will be reviewed by the police to determine the people who were in the school last evening.

The chief investigators said that in the course of the next couple of days they will be continuing their investigation, inspecting the scene and gathering evidence. He assures us that detectives are currently investigating the case and will follow every lead until the the guilty person or people are found. The principals of both schools indicated that they had a group of students known as"Clue Finders" who are working at their school and requested that police involve them in their investigation.