Have you been in the library lately?
Sometimes I go there. I can't exactly tell you what days.
If so, what have you been doing in there?
I usually go there t check my email.I
Do you like Penn State?
Yes, I love watching them play football.
Where were you during the day of the crime?
I was following my normal cleaning routine.
What were you doing?
I empty the garbage, vacuum the rugs and mop the floors. i also sanitize the desks.
Where did you clean that day?
I cleaned the rooms in the second grade hallway.
How's your financial situation?
It's fine.
Do you like kettle cooked chips?
I guess I like all kinds of potato chips.
Do you drink diet sodas?
I don't drink much soda.
What did you eat that day?
I bring my dinner from home. Usually it is a sandwich or leftovers. I can't remember exactly what it was that day.
Did any of those foods have corn starch in it?
I don't know. My wife does the cooking.
Have you been upset with the school lately?
No, I love the school. I am even thinking of going back to school to get my teaching degree.
do you like doritos?
what materials do you clean with?

Follow up interview

What color is your hair?
I have brown hair.

What is your dominant hand?
It is my left hand.

What hand do you use to drink?
I use my left hand.

Who cleans the lunch room?
Cleaning the lunch room is a rotating assignment.

Who is the boss of all the janitors?
Mr. Rosak is the coordinator for all of the cleaning crews.

Does anyone work at the same time as you, if so who?
Gene Poule and Vera Cruise work the same time I do.

Do you communicate with anyone else that works at West Vincent?
I also work with Holly Molly and Felix Navidad at West Vincent.

Do you know anyone named Martha?

Did you do the crime?

Do you have a Mr. Sketch marker?

Are you friends with Marisha Pyle?