​It is the policy of the police department to do regular debriefings. You will provide a written summary of your activity for the designated time period.

Include the following information in your typed report.

  1. Describe what you saw at the crime scene and give your interpretation of the evidence found there. Be specific.

  2. (Do this for your first report only.)

  3. Tell who you have questioned and describe what information you received from that person. Analyze what this information may mean for the case.

  4. Tell how you think the department should proceed with the case.

Be sure to read the notes of other detectives to discover new evidence about the crime.

Crime Scene Powder
Turns Black
Really light brown
Clumped a little
Baking Soda
Turns light brown
Bubbles and dissolves. Leaves a puddle
Turns black
Packs it. Light yellow
Turns dark brown
Dissolves. Leaves a puddle
Corn Starch
Turns black
Really light brown
Clumped a little

From all my tests I conclude the powder at the crime scene was corn starch. In the Iodine test flour and corn starch both reacted the same way to the Iodine. But in the vinegar test, the corn starch reacted similar to the crime scene powder unlike the flour which reacted diferently from the two. And in the heat test corn starch acted similar to the crime scene powder.

Soccer22 and I also conducted the Hair Analysis Test. We discovered the hair on the hat was dirty blonde. On the outside it was brown and on the inside it was yellowish.

On 3/8/2010 Soccer22 and I interviewed Mrs. Sellers, the librarian.
Here are the notes we took during the interview.

The day of the crime scene Miss Smith had a normal day.

Kendra Goode has been snooping around in the library, and she is about to get married. She was taking some videos. Sometimes she would come in for a couple seconds then leave.

Mrs. Sellers left 3:15 the day of the crime.

Mrs. Sellers graduated from Penn State.

Mrs. Sellers drinks water at school, and will sometimes drink soda at home.

Mrs. Sellers likes kettle cooked chips, but there is no eating or drinking in the library.

Mrs. Sellers went home the after school the day of the crime.

She had a normal day.

Mrs. Sellers has been upset with the school, she hates the black paper they put on the windows.

We concluded from the Handwriting Analysis that Gene Poule wrote the note. All of his characteristics of his handwriting matched up with the note from Quadrant 1. Mr.P had six characteristics matching up with the note out of 10. But we could tell it was not his handwriting on the note.



The top suspects to me are Kendra Goode and Gene Poule. Kendra Goode has to many facts pointing towards her, there is no possible way she could not be the criminal. But, I do not think she did it alone. Soccer22, Chill, and I discovered he wrote th note. What I think it meant is that Gene poule was cleaning the library that day. He wrote to Kendra, I'm finsihed moving to fifth grade hallway. I think tha was so Kendra would no that no one else would go in to the library and she could steal everything.