It is the policy of the police department to do regular debriefings. You will provide a written summary of your activity for the designated time period.

Include the following information in your typed report.

  1. Describe what you saw at the crime scene and give your interpretation of the evidence found there. Be specific.

  2. (Do this for your first report only.)

  3. Tell who you have questioned and describe what information you received from that person. Analyze what this information may mean for the case.

  4. Tell how you think the department should proceed with the case.

Be sure to read the notes of other detectives to discover new evidence about the crime.Why Did Soccer52 only do a smell and powder test more

should have been done to get reasonable evidence of the powder. Heres what he said...

The perpetrator left a note that said they were moving to the fifth grade hallway. I also saw a glass of diet coke. There was some powder found on the crime scene and is said to be corn starch. There was some grass found next to the powder too.

From all my tests I conclude the powder at the crime scene was corn starch. In the Iodine test flour and corn starch both reacted the same way to the Iodine. But in the vinegar test, the corn starch reacted similar to the crime scene powder unlike the flour which reacted diferently from the two. And in the heat test corn starch acted similar to the crime scene powder.

This is the sketch of quadrant 1 at the crime scene
Heres what SoccerKeys 413 had to say about the envestigation...
Detective’s Notebook:

At the crime scene I saw several pieces of evidence for and against most suspects. The first piece of evidence I saw was a Doritos bag. The bag was open upside down and was nearly crumbles, probably from someone ravenous, but Mrs. Vanguilder cannot eat them. The next piece of evidence I saw was some mysterious white powder that looked almost pressed into the carpet. To me it looked like flour but it might have been a cleaning product from one of the 3 suspects who clean the school. There was also a towel lying strewn on the ground, the towel had a big black smudge on it, probably used by a cleaning suspect. 7 pieces of mysterious white string lay randomly strewn on the ground which gives me no leads. Dirt was also everywhere and there is a door outside of the classroom where the scene of the crime was and a window was on the wall bordering the crime scene. Who would have been outside on the job? There was a women’s NY jeans coat size small. There were also two cups with tiny remnants of brown, fizzy liquid in them, probably soda. The final main thing I noticed was the file folder, closed in the corner of the scene. The peculiar thing was that it was used almost like a clip board so on the folder were imprints of seeming to be random numbers in clean lines and spaces. This was what I saw at the scene of the crime. This was a part of West vincents Crime and will probobly give you the most info... Thank you
I think that this Crime seen has been thoroly viewed and in the procces overly done. You shouldn't go with what comes to your mind you should go with gut
favorite research and have a combo. like 1.Gut 2. research 3.Favorite

10:30 March 19th 2010
I have studied the note and have realized that gene poule has a simalar signature to the person that wrote the note. 9 out of 11 signature matched for Gene Poule. The average for everyone else was 4. the second place was Mr. Palochak with 6 out of 11. From this project i conclude that Gene Poule can be a seroius victum. I conclude from the choronography test that Gene Poule 99.9999999999999% wrote the note because Baseball 11s test also matched mine. Handwriting_Analysis_pictures_003.jpg

This is the Paper that are quadrent1 had filled out as you can see it says Ben Y. but this was really a group assignmant. Gene Poule writing is
Slant of Letters: Right
Crowding: Normal
Alignment: On Line
i's and t's: Dots
Word spacing: Normal
Pressure: Normal
E loops: Loops
Angle of R: No r's in the sample
Unique Letters:H, I, N, G
Porportions: In porportion.

The Crime scenes victim was

Slant of Letters: Right
Crowding: Normal
Alignmant: On line
i's and t's: somtimes dots and crosses
Word Spacing: Normal
Pressure: Normal
E loops: Not Looped
Angle of R: Rounded
Unique Letters: F G H C N I
Proportions: In Proportion

As you can see Gene Poule has a relative match to the crime scenes victimn as agian there is a match of a ratio of 9-11
The second was mr P.s his is...........................................................................................................
Slant of letters: Right
Crowding: Normal
Alignmant: Rises Slightly
i's and t's: Dots
Word Spacing: Wide
Pressure: Normal
E loops: Somtimes
Angle of R: Pointed
Unique Letters: M P H Y N E S
Porpotion: In porportion

Heres my prime suspects from 1 to 9

1.Gene Poule
2.Kendra Goode
3. Mr.Palochack
4. Vera Cruz
5. Alfredo Vedutinci
6. Dr. Bell
7. Mrs. Smith
8. Mrs. Nitsche

Gene Poule Poule Gene Gene Poule Poule Gene Poule Gene Poule Poule Gene Gene Gene Poule Gene Poule Poule Gene Poule Gene Gene Poule Poule Gene

Gene Poule did the Crime!!!!!!!!

Gene Poule has some evidence pointing towards her.

Here is some evidence on how Gene Poule defently did the crime.

Gene Poule Has a Blue Scarf !!!
Gene Poule Writes unique letters like the note.
Gene Poule had a 9 - 11 ratio on the note.
Gene Poule Had a closer ratio by 30%.
Gene Poule had a better ratio then 2nd {Mr. Palochack} by 3 on the 11 ratio scale
Gene Poule did the crime from concluding from the crime of the note in Quadrent 1.
Gene Poule Was at the library during the day of the crime. Then she could have gone to the fifth grade hallway becuase the note says that she was going there But gene Poule was the only suspect that was at the library for sure that we know of through April 14, 2010, 11:26.
Gene Poule cleaned the library the day of the crime.
Gene Poule has the most wall post out of anyone even though most of them were me thats becuase i suspected her from the beginning becuase Gene is obviously a fake name... On bing lookup and finder she does not exsist so it is obviously her with a fake name and the police should take serous action your honor if she does not exsist there are aso fediral affleny charges that do apply and she could go to jail for along time of course thats not up to me but you could do something about so call 911 right now and they have to book Gene Poule.
Its Gene Poule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????