It is the policy of the police department to do regular debriefings. You will provide a written summary of your activity for the designated time period.

Include the following information in your typed report.

  1. Describe what you saw at the crime scene and give your interpretation of the evidence found there. Be specific.

  2. (Do this for your first report only.)

  3. Tell who you have questioned and describe what information you received from that person. Analyze what this information may mean for the case.

  4. Tell how you think the department should proceed with the case.

Be sure to read the notes of other detectives to discover new evidence about the crime.

Detective log:

I have taken video and pictures of the crime scene. I noticed that there was an odd black spot on the towel of the crime scene. Below, I have attached a picture. Anyway, The New York jeans jacket was an adult small, so it could have been a shorter person on the scene. It is possible that two people were working together to steal the items, as there were two empty cups on the scene. There was also a Doritos bag laying empty on the ground. I should not be guessing this early, but I have one suspect in mind.


Detective log:
today we did the Chromotography test and found that we messed up the test. We forgot to change the water, and it bled on the note. This completely ruined the test and and the results that followed. We will have to do the test again the next time. I noticed that one of the markers is faded, and that could be the factor that decides which marker was used. I need to take pictures of the test.

Soil analysis: Found a worm egg sack in potting soil! We actually messed up the lime stuff we were supposed to use to make the pH
tape lift: found human hair, dog hair, and some red yarn.

We found out the smell test results. Mrs.VanGuilder was on the towel, and Felix Navidad on the sweater vest.

Chemichal Analysis: We found that the powder used was Corn Starch, because it had the same results as the crime scene powder on every test, heated or not heated. Corn Starch did not do anything when we put iodine and vinegar.

Through my investigation, Kendra Goode was the culprit. Mrs. Seibert and Mrs. Valentine both gave us information that influenced this decision. Kendra had the green hair tie that was found on the crime scene. Kendra apparently also came into the library and said she was "just looking". She also liked to clean around the audiobooks. Her working hours were 3:00 to 10:30, so she could have been staying late. All these reasons and more show that Kendra Goode was the culprit.

Also, Kendra wears NY Jeans. She also had the same maker that we used in chromatography test, that matched the note. She used it when she punched in to work. She stayed later than usual the night of the crime. All of these things point to Kendra, and three suspects ratted her out.