Dr. Bell:
Why were you and Mrs. Guy at East Vincent at the same time? Did you ever see eachother during that time? If yes, How did you interact?
What were you doing while you were here at the school? Where did this take place?
Are you a fan of Penn State?
What are your feelings toward the school or your co-workers? Are they negative ideas? If yes, why do you experience these feelings?
Where did you go after you left the school? if it was anywhere other than your home, why did you go to that place?
What did you do in the library?
How is your financial situation? Do you need more money? Is the school upsetting you by not paying you enough?
Is there anyone whom you suspect might be the culprit? Is there anyone you have suspicions about? Anyone you think was involved somehow?
Are you right or left-handed?

Soccer52 and Chill are directly asking Mrs. Bell