It is the policy of the police department to do regular debriefings. You will provide a written summary of your activity for the designated time period.

Include the following information in your typed report.

  1. Describe what you saw at the crime scene and give your interpretation of the evidence found there. Be specific.

  2. (Do this for your first report only.)

  3. Tell who you have questioned and describe what information you received from that person. Analyze what this information may mean for the case.

  4. Tell how you think the department should proceed with the case.

Be sure to read the notes of other detectives to discover new evidence about the crime.

Elena Malamed

At the crime scene

At the crime scene I saw many things including string, 2 used cups, a towel with a piece of something on it, a file folder with a series of numbers scratched into it, a jacket (for someone small), a bag of Doritos, ant many dirt clumps. Since the bag of Doritos were eaten completely it came to my groups mind that Mrs. Vanguilder could not have been at the crime scene since she has allergy of milk. The only way she could have been the culprit is if she brought somebody with her. I also believe there were two people at the crime scene because of the TWO cups both used (one of the cups had a finger print on it). With the large chunks of mud I have realized the criminal must have come from outside because dirt wouldn’t have been on a person who spent all their time indoors. In that case I think a Janitor might be the culprit, the materials on the ground are also things janitors use.


33 11 43 45 23 11 45 23 15 14 15 15 14 24 44 14 35 34 15 21 15 32 24 54 53 24 32 32 34 35 45 13 11 51 44 15 11 34 55 33 35 43 15 45 43 35 51 12 32 15 53 15 53 24 32 32 12 15 43 24 13 23
44 35 35 34.
For the Cryptography we realized that all of the numbers had a number in order. However only count the numbers in the code in sequential order an dont count numbers not listed.
11 is a
12 is b
13 is c
14 is d
15 is e
and so on...

The deed is done Felix will not cause any more trouble, we will be rich soon.

What did East Vincent get? We (Soccerkeys418 and I) assume that it is a joint operation and that this is a letter to our fifth grade teacher, Marisha Pyle.

Chemical test

Lilydog98 and I noticed that the powder at the crime scene is alot like corn starch. Here is a chart of our findings. We notice that the crime scene powder and the Corn starch have the same results. It also smells the same if that is any constelation.


Iodine Test

Vinegar Test

Heat Test

Heat Test Iodine

Heat Test Vinegar

Crime Scene

Sat on top
bubbled once then dried

Corn Starch

Sat on top
bubbled once then dried

Baking Soda

Orange/ Brown
Fizzed/ Bubbled
Smoked & stunk!
Changed to yellow then hardened
fizzed and kept fizzing, hardened


Bubbled, turned brown,
and hardened
bubbled, melted


sat on top and changed
Turned black and burnt
Sizzled and made it gloopy.

Smell Test

Lillydog98 and I found a Jacket and a Towel. We believe the towel has the scent of our A.T.P. Teacher Mrs.Vanguilder. We also believe the Jacket we found is Alfredo F. Our information was exactly the same as the other testers at our school Cowboys24 and Laxfan1.

March 17

Next class I am going to do the hair analasis. And hopefully finish it!

Hair Analysis

Today lillydog98 and I teted the hair analysis test. We observed the Hair of the suspects of Mrs. Guy, Mr. Lucas, Mrs. Pyle, Mrs. Seibert who is filling in for Mrs. Riggs. We wet the slides and observed the hair. We could not find the hair under the .65 strength so we used the .25 strength instead. We will be observing the tape lifting which is what we compare to this experiment. Does EV have any clue what to do with the measuring and characteristics of the hair chart?
I made a little graph to help,
^ This is a picture of what "real" suspects hairs look like. ^







Black layer on Outside,
Clear in the middle,
Dots in the clear area,

Feather like,
Line through the middle,
Darker outside,

Light Hair

Two strings come off of each other,
Dark color,
Smooth on outside,

Stripes down

Looks like split ends,
Line through the middle,

In the middle of dark and light

Black on outside,
Clear in the middle,
Dots in the clear area,

Black on outside,
Red dot,
Line through middle,

April 21

Last class I added to the new wall link This is what I wrote

I think Felix Navidad did the crime because Felixes scent was on the towel. Half the hand writing on the note was his and the note said "Felix will not cause, you any more trouble."

Final Suspects

Kendra Goode. She is now my main suspect because she has been talked about alot. On Kandra's Interveiw page she states that She doen't clean in the library much however both Mrs. Pyle and Mrs. Seibert say she is always there, looking at things very carefully. I have noticed that Kendra said in her interveiw she leaves west vincent at 10:30PM but on the security camera it says Kendra left at 11:05PM the day of the crime. Why would she stay an hour late? She even wrote that she tries to get to work on time so she can go home sooner. She had the Mr.Sketch black marker, her hand writing was on the towel. She has finantial issues and would need to get some money somehow. Mrs. Pyle said "She could be selling the computers and other things she steals.". East Vincent was found at west Vincent and she goes to East then West Vincent. Kendra is right handed and the finger print on the cup is on the side a right hander would use.

Mrs. Pyle

said her hair was dyed brown but is naturaly blonde. When the Cops found the hair this is what they saw:

"We have analyzed the hair and discovered that the hair is blonde, but dyed brown." It could mean anything, I don't know.