It is the policy of the police department to do regular debriefings. You will provide a written summary of your activity for the designated time period.

Include the following information in your typed report.

  1. Describe what you saw at the crime scene and give your interpretation of the evidence found there. Be specific.

  2. (Do this for your first report only.)

  3. Tell who you have questioned and describe what information you received from that person. Analyze what this information may mean for the case.

  4. Tell how you think the department should proceed with the case.

Be sure to read the notes of other detectives to discover new evidence about the crime.

2/1/10:We have uploaded the quadrant pictures on to studentcluster. We are continuing the experiments from the forensic lab to find more about the evidence. We are dong the burn test on the chemicals.We will continue with other tests next time.
4/23/10:Top three: Kendra Goode,Gene Poule,Alfredo Fetticino.Next 2 (lower but still in):Mr.P,Dr. Bell.
4/27/10:WE FOUND THE NOTE!!!It reads:
Dear Martha,
The deed is done. Felix wil not cause any more trouble.We will be rich soon.
Curiosly enough, this is the same note left at West Vincent.Why would they eave ths same note with the same words and person given to?Who is the sender? Who is Martha?Who is Felix?Why was he causing troube?How is he causing trouble?What is the deed?